Freddy Beach Speech          Speech-Language Pathology Services

Freddy Beach Speech is a private practice in speech-language pathology (SLP) located in Fredericton, New Brunswick (the city nicknamed by locals as “Freddy Beach” ), Canada.  This practice serves adults and children who have difficulty communicating due to speech, language, or cognitive problems resulting from stroke, concussion/traumatic brain injury, neurological disease, or developmental delay. 

Tracy Horsley, M.Sc., S-LP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist who graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1995 with her Master's Degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences.  Tracy has extensive professional experience helping adults and adolescents with communication-related difficulty due to stroke and brain injury, and children with developmental speech and language delay. 

Communication is essential to building and maintaining healthy relationships, providing greater life satisfaction.  Our connectivity and sense of belonging in our social circles - at home, at work, school or play - is established with effective communication.  Difficulty communicating can significantly disrupt our subjective well-being, but progress is possible when assessment and therapy are tailored to optimize our positive social interactions and increase our connectivity and life participation with those that matter most to us.

Tracy offers highly-specialized, personally-relevant SLP services to clients in the greater Fredericton area at the location of their choice – at home, at school, via TELEPRACTICE (private, secure online video sessions), etc., allowing for the increased flexibility of treatment and client convenience.

If you are interested in helping yourself or a loved one reach their full communication potential and confidence, please contact Tracy with any questions you may have: